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L-8468 Hydroxyl-Containing UV Polyurethane Resin, Double Curing Resin, Hydroxyl Containing Resin, UV Ink Resin

2022-05-18 743

Lencolo L-8468 hydroxyl-containing UV polyamine resin is a special modified UV polyurethane resin, 100% solid, contains a certain amount of hydroxyl, can be matched with isocyanate, make a double curing coating or adhesive. In the inorganic glass, hardware surface has a certain adhesion, PC, ABS, PMMA, TAC, paper, leather, artificial leather and other substrates have adhesion, can be used as UV ink, adhesive resin and UV coating modifier. Widely used in glass, hardware, plastic UV ink, adhesive, double curing UV ink, adhesive, mobile phone glass protection ink, glass UV glue, UV coating, etc.