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SQ-710002 High stretch UV transfer glue, UV Transfer Glue, one-component UV-curable adhesive

SQ-710002 High stretch UV transfer glue, UV Transfer Glue, one-component UV-curable adhesive

Application:Texture decoration and shell molding of mobile phones, laptops, home appliances and other products.

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SQ-710002 is a one-component UV-curable adhesive that is formed on the surface of PC, PET, TPU and other films through molds with various textures and structures. Small molds can be manually transferred to the film surface in batches, or automated, high-capacity structural rollers or textured film transfer can be used. It is mainly used to make texture decoration and shell molding for mobile phones, laptops, home appliances and other products. The product has the characteristics of good demoulding performance, high hardness, good plating properties, excellent recoating performance and UV aging resistance.

Chemical & physical data

Test itemsTest Data
AppearanceTransparent liquid
Viscosity (25ºC, CPS)1,200-1,500
UV component (%)100
Density (g/cm³, 25ºC)1.03±0.05
Hardness (1Kg force load)B-H
Coating thickness (μm)50-250
Boiling performance (surface spray paint, no primer 100/60min)Adhesion 5B, no change in coating
Bending (cylindrical shaft diameter)Folded 180 degrees without cracks
Curing energy (mercury lamp, mj/cm²)600-1,000
QUV resistanceMore than 200h
Note: Note: The above performance parameters can be customized according to customer requirements


It has better tensile deformation performance, and the film has good stretchability. For workpieces with large deformation, no cracks will appear after high stretching, and the permeability is good.

Strong tear resistance, film thickness reaches 50-350um, 180 degree bending glue layer will not crack, bend or fall off

It has good resistance to high and low temperatures, high humidity, chemical solvents, moisture resistance, and UV resistance. The product performance remains stable in harsh environments.


Texture decoration and shell molding of mobile phones, laptops, home appliances and other products.

Construction technology

1. Clean the material surface.

2. Pour the glue into the metal mold, fit the PC or PET to the metal mold, and use a glue stick to squeeze the surface of the material so that the glue can expel air bubbles and achieve better leveling. Make sure that the bonding parts are covered with glue.

3. Irradiate with ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 265 or 395 nanometers. When irradiating, keep the UV lamp as close to the glue as possible to speed up the curing.

4. Tear off the PC or PET from the metal mold. At this time, the adhesive layer is completely peeled off and stuck to the surface of the PC or PET.

5. If the adhesive layer is not completely cured, you can continue to use UV light until the adhesive layer is fully cured.

Process diagram

Unwind → Glue on specially treated release film → Mold rolling → UV curing → Demold → Rewind → Printing ink, etc. → Cutting → Forming → Injection molding → Peel off the surface polyester film → Spray hardened layer


1. Ensure that the UV adhesive layer absorbs sufficient UV energy to achieve the best curing effect, otherwise it will easily affect the performance of the adhesive layer.

2. Remaining glue cannot be returned to the original packaging and should be sealed away from light and stored at room temperature.

Storage, shelf time and Packing

To prevent the product from polymerization and gelling, please keep it sealed and away from heat and light. Recommended storage temperature is not higher than 30°C. Unused products must be sealed and stored in a timely manner and cannot be stored in the open. Safe storage time is 6 months at room temperature( 25ºC) and under ventilation. 1KG/5KG/25KG/barrel

Tips: SQ-710002 high tensile UV transfer adhesive, it has better tensile deformation, no cracks on workpieces with large deformation, good transparency and easy processing.

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Note: Technical data represents typical values only. In view of the differences in formulas, production process, conditions, all the above statements must be adjusted according to the actual situation, our company does not make any promises. Our company reserves the right to reform its products without prior notice of any changes.