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What are the advantages and disadvantages of UV adhesive

Lencolo 2022-07-04 1516

UV adhesive is one of the adhesives, is in the special formulation of the resin to add photoinitiator (or photosensitizer), after the completion of some relatively complicated complex process after the production of an adhesive. UV adhesive in arts and crafts, glass products, electronic and electrical industry, optical field, digital OPTICAL disc manufacturing, medical supplies and other aspects have been applied. It is a kind of widely used adhesive.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of UV adhesive

UV adhesive advantages: 1.UV adhesive does not contain VOC volatiles, no pollution to the air. UV adhesive formula ingredients in all environmental laws and regulations to stop or restrict the very few, and no solvent, flammability is very low. 2.UV adhesive curing speed is very fast, the use of different power UV curing equipment can be completely cured in a few seconds to a few minutes, greatly improving the production efficiency of manufacturing enterprises. Very suitable for automated assembly line production, UV adhesive curing can be immediately after the bonding performance test, product packaging and transfer shipment, saving the space of finished products and semi-finished products of enterprises. The equipment used in uv curing process is generally of low power, saving valuable energy. The energy consumed by the use of UV curing adhesive and heat curing adhesive can save energy consumption by 90%, and the STRUCTURE of UV curing equipment is not complex, small footprint to save workplace space. 3 UV adhesive for a variety of environmental conditions and requirements can be flexibly used, curing time and waiting time can be adjusted according to the need, UV adhesive curing degree can be adjusted at will, can repeat multiple sizing multiple curing. Bring convenience to production management, UV curing lamp can be easily installed on the existing production line according to the actual situation changes, completely do not need large adjustment and change, with ordinary adhesive incomparable flexibility.

Disadvantages of UV adhesive: 1.UV adhesive raw material cost is generally higher, because there is no low-cost solvent and filler in the composition, so UV adhesive than general ordinary adhesive manufacturing cost is high, the corresponding sales price is also high. 2. Ultraviolet penetration of some plastic or translucent materials is not strong, the curing depth is limited, the geometry of the curable objects is subject to certain constraints, the part of the ultraviolet radiation is not easy to complete once, the opaque part is not easy to cure. 3. Ordinary UV adhesive can only bond some transparent materials, bonding opaque materials need to integrate other curing methods, such as cationic curing, UV heating double curing, UV moisture double curing, UV anaerobic double curing.

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