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What are the differences between UV glue and AB glue?

lencolo 2022-08-30 1123

In adhesive products there are UV glue and AB glue, many people will be confused. UV glue and AB glue in the performance, curing way are very different. So today I sorted out some information, to share with you about the difference between UV glue and AB glue.

First, the curing speed is different

The curing of AB glue is not only required for time, but also for room temperature. AB glue construction at room temperature to about 28 degrees, curing time needs at least 8 hours, if you want to completely harden, then it takes 24 hours, generally the higher the temperature, the faster the curing. Therefore, at low temperature sizing, AB adhesive curing time is relatively slow.

UV glue curing is not affected by temperature, curing speed is relatively fast, ultraviolet light irradiation on 5-10 seconds can be cured.

Two, the way of curing is different

UV glue and AB glue curing method is also different. AB glue is two kinds of glue in accordance with a certain proportion of the deployment, two kinds of glue after the natural chemical reaction, curing with time, called hot curing; UV glue is the need for equipment to cure, generally after sizing, with UV lamp or UV lamp irradiation after curing.

Three, different quality

The quality here is not the quality of the product, but the quality in physics. UV glue of the same grade is heavier than AB glue. But since they're all made of resin, don't worry. When it comes to the quality of the product (good or bad), of course, everyone is concerned about the problem, because the quality of the product affects the construction and service life.

Although UV glue and AB glue are resin materials, but there are many different places, such as curing time, curing speed and curing method are different. After we understand these things, it is more conducive to our construction and procurement.

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