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Development trend of UV curing coatings

lencolo 2022-08-09 863

Although the development of oligomers is still mainly in low viscosity and special function two aspects. However, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, water-borne photocurable coatings and powder coatings have become the development trend of coatings. Therefore, the oligomer research applicable to water-borne photocurable coatings and powder coatings will inevitably become the development direction of future oligomers. In recent years, new diluents have been developed and utilized, ethoxylated or propoxylated acrylate functional monomers, not only reduce the irritation of the monomer to the skin, but also make the monomer performance more perfect. However, because the diluent will partially penetrate into the substrate, there may still be some pollution to the environment. In terms of initiator, the development of polymer photoinitiator system with low toxicity, low mobility and good solubility will become the trend of The Times.

 At the same time, with the development of water-based photocurable coatings, the development of water-based photocurable system and water-soluble photoinitiator will become the focus of development. In addition, foreign countries have no photoinitiator UV self-fixing resin into the market, is plastic, metal, wood products, paper, automotive parts, wood flooring, packaging and furniture and other industries to promote application. Because of its low cost, it has broad application prospects in food packaging, outdoor UV coatings and UV powder coatings. The development of auxiliaries depends on the development of light curing coatings. With the development of water-based and powderized photocurable coatings, it will be the development trend of auxiliaries to find and develop suitable auxiliaries for water-based photocurable coatings and powder photocurable coatings.

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