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Why is the UV epoxy resin potting adhesive elastomer after curing?

lencolo 2022-08-09 807

1, because UV epoxy resin potting glue is usually used in the overall potting of electronic devices, after potting and curing can achieve the characteristics of impact resistance and vibration resistance, can protect electrical parts to avoid water, avoid the line exposed to the outside. If it is a hardware after curing, it will lead to cracking and fracture of electrical parts, so only elastic volume can better play the role of protecting the performance of electrical parts.

2, UV epoxy resin potting glue after curing is elastomer can adapt to high and low temperature changes, especially between minus 60 degrees to zero 160 degrees will not occur catalysis, can protect electrical parts from external material invasion. If the hardware, at minus 40 degrees will fracture, crack, moisture, water vapor will enter the electrical appliances, easy to leakage, so epoxy resin sealing glue in curing must be elastomer to ensure the safety of electrical components, electrical service life.

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