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Advantages and limitations of UV coatings

Lencolo 2022-08-03 1429

First, advantage

(1) Fast speed, conducive to assembly line production

UV coating can be cured in 0.05-0.1s time, compared with the traditional need for a few hours or even a few days to cure the hot curing process, greatly improve the production efficiency, save semi-finished products stacking space, to meet the requirements of automated production. In addition, because it is cured at room temperature, it can avoid the damage that the thermal sensitive substrate may suffer due to high temperature.

(2) the cost is low

UV curing energy consumption is small, and UV coating solid content is high, so that the actual consumption of materials is greatly reduced; In addition, the investment in UV curing equipment is relatively low, and the plant occupies a small area.

(3) pollution

UV coating basically does not contain VOC (volatile organic compounds), environmentally friendly, construction site is not easy to produce fire or explosion and other accidents.

(4) Excellent coating performance

The coating is a three dimensional network structure film formed by chemical crosslinking reaction, so the comprehensive performance is excellent.

Second, layer limitation

(1) The curing surface is limited

Light is transmitted in a straight line, so it is appropriate to cure the plane and slightly convex surface, while the concave surface and multidimensional surface that may produce light shadow are difficult to cure or cure.

(2) The painting process is difficult

UV coating surface energy is large, the substrate wetting is relatively poor, in addition, due to UV curing is instantaneous, coating internal stress, the adhesion between the coating is poor, and due to the fast rate, coating defoaming, leveling time is short, easy to produce surface defects.

(3) color affects curing

By the pigment to UV absorption, scattering, reflection and inhibition of UV curing, so the current UV paint to varnish.

Three, UV coating application field

1. Wood coating

Filler putty, surface coating, decorative paper veneer coating; .

2, paper, printing processing

3. Plastic coating

PVC floor surface wear-resistant coating, Plexiglass plate, polycarbonate plate surface hardening coating,

Treatment of vacuum coated surface.

4. Metal coating

Antirust coating, dry electroplating coating, decorative coating of metal products.

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