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L-6907 Slip UV Resin for Anti-fingerpinrt Coating

Lencolo 2024-05-25 124

  Applications field

  UV anti-fingerprint coating, UV anti-fouling coating, UV release coating, UV release master mold adhesive.


  Product description

  L-6907 fluorosilicone modified polyacrylic acid contains specific functional groups and can participate in UV reaction. It has good long-lasting stain resistance, good smoothness and good release effect. At the same time, it has excellent leveling and fullness, and good adhesion.

  Technical data



  Promotes coating film leveling and has a strong release effect, making the coating film easy to peel off.

  Make the coating film have good smoothness and good anti-fouling effect

  Good compatibility with most acryliates

  Application testing

  It can be cured anaerobically or aerobically, and can be applied by spraying, shower coating, roller coating, etc. The coating film has a strong release effect, anti-adhesive properties, and the coating film has good smoothness.



  It has good compatibility with other UV resins and a strong release effect, making the coating film easy to peel off and making the coating film very smooth.