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Lencolo product application (11/24): PU resins and UV resins for monocoat paints

Lencolo 2024-04-29 113

  Below are our most popular PU resins and UV resins for monocoat silver paint, monocoat black paint and other colored paint for toys, glasses frames, mobile interior decoration etc, pls have a check, samples are available for your testing.

  L-1200A: High adhesion PU resin

     20240429 1.jpg

  L-1200B: High adhesion PU resin for ink

     20240429 2.jpg

  L-1254: Fast drying high solid PU resin

     20240429 3.jpg

  L-1255: Monocoat high-gloss black PU resin

     20240429 4.jpg

  L-1257: High weather resistance, high fullness PU resin

     20240429 5.jpg

  L-1260: PU resin for optical coating

     20240429 6.jpg

  L-6410: Monocoat 4-functional UV polyurethane resin

     20240429 7.jpg

  L-6412: Silver monocoat 4-functional UV polyurethane resin

     20240429 8.jpg

  If you are looking for any materials for coatings/inks/adhesives, pls inform us your detailed property requirements, we will recommend the most suitable items accordingly, thank you.