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How do I choose a photoinitiator?

Lencolo 2022-07-06 1037

Photoinitiator (PI) is a key component of photocurable products, which plays a decisive role in the photocuring rate of photocurable products. It is a material that can absorb radiation energy, undergo chemical changes after excitation, and produce active intermediates (free radicals or cations) with the ability to initiate polymerization. Photoinitiators can be divided into free radical type and cationic type photoinitiators due to different active monomers. Free radical type photoinitiators can be divided into pyrolysis type and hydrogen capture type due to different action mechanisms of free radical generation. There are also some special categories such as mixed, water - based, macromolecular.

When choosing photoinitiators, we need to consider the following factors:

1. The absorption spectrum of the photoinitiator matches the emission spectrum of the light source;

2, the efficiency of the photoinitiator to be high, both to have a high quantum yield of the production of active intermediates, at the same time the production of active intermediates have high reactivity;

3, for the colored system, due to the addition of pigment filler, there are different absorption in the UV region, therefore, it is necessary to choose the light initiator which is least affected by the pigment filler UV absorption;

4. Good solubility in active diluent and oligomer;

5, small odor, low toxicity, especially the photodecomposition products of photoinitiator to low odor and low toxicity;

6, not easy to volatilize and migration;

7, after light curing can not occur yellowing phenomenon, which is particularly important for the substrate is white, light and colorless system, also can not cause the degradation of the polymer during aging;

8, thermal stability and storage stability are good, not easy to deteriorate;

9. Easy to synthesize, low cost and cheap price.

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