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Lencolo | 2022-06-24

How to use Lencolo UV shadowless glue

Lencolo UV mirror-free adhesive resin is a special modified polyurethane acrylic UV resin, with good flexibility.

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lencolo | 2022-06-22

Lencolo pure acrylic UV resin function

Specially modified pure acrylate resin, the product has the advantages of good flexibility, high curing rate, low shrinkage, good adhesion to metal, good compatibility with dyes, color paste and so on.

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lencolo | 2022-06-21

Solution to yellowing problem with UV epoxy resin

Epoxy UV light curing resin is widely used in electrical insulation casting, anticorrosive coating

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lencolo | 2022-04-21

What causes the foaming of paint coatings?

The main reasons for the foaming of paint coatings are as follows

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